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    Important Projects

    Project Title: Content Writers Needed
    Project Category: Documentation
    Remember it:-   *** If you liked it !!!

    Project Summary
    This is a long duration work. Daily you have to write two-three original articles.

    4-5 month duration.

    You have to write articles in "word document" with atleast 400-500 words.

    Show us some of your previous works in "your Expert Details." (Optional)

    You can choose any topic. The Topic should be interesting and people should enjoy reading it.

    Article should be informative and have good content and language. Good English is needed.

    No Copy Paste from any source Allowed.

    You have to write arround 60-80 Articles in a month.

    We will publish your articles and they will be given Ratings by viewers.

    $2.00 for 10 high Quality Articles.
    $1.00 for 10 Medium Quality Articles

    We will pay you $16.00 for 80 Articles every month. If they are of High Quality.

    We will pay you $8.00 for 80 Articles every month. If they are of Medium Quality.

    If we do not like the Quality of Articles we will just pay you for the work done and acknowledge you that more articles are not needed.

    You can continue writing two-three articles daily for as many months you wish. But we have to be satisfied with the results.

    Our Viewers will give Rating to each of your article.

    We need articles for 4-5 month duration.

    How to Write new Article

    1. You can read Magazines/ Newspapers.

    Please, become our member to read it complete
      Only Members can Upload/Add new Contents/Images/New Topics/ and manage their Submissions.
      Please, Login/ Signup to upload your contents to our site. it takes just 30 sec to signup.

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