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    Related Discussion. (1..10)

    1) Introductory Note on Fireman Game [ Sanny ]

    This game is just a start, we have lots of plans ahead. You get 5/6 levels to play this game.

    Fireman Game

    This game is totally free to play for enjoyment.

    Basis System Requirements.

    1. Must have Java in your System.
    2. Working Browser that can load Java.
    3. Music & Sound System
    4. Internet Connection

    You start with a few lives, then you earn points on killing opponents.

    You can choose between Health, Strength and Speed.

    Best Option is to Choose Health. Press "H" to get health, "L" to get lives.

    You can take any object in this game by just moving your fireman near it.

    You can jump over fire, bricks.

    You can shoot horizontally to enemies using spacebar(Fire upwards) and ctrl key (Fire on Side).

    You can also kill aeroplanes above you dropping Bombs over you by pressing Space Bar.

    Once you complete one level the game becomes little difficult. You have to plan which enemy to shoot first. You can hide or run away if you are being attacked by lots of monsters.

    This is a good game you can play daily and enjoy atleast 15-20 min daily.

    Best Thing about this game.

    1. No downloads. (Only Java is needed)
    2. You get lots of levels.
    3. Each level is completely different and needs new strategy.
    4. Its shooting game as well as Arcade Game.
    5. Have Fun its free.

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    Related Discussion. (1..10)

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