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    Topic: 2014 UGG Women Luminous Stars Bailey Button Boots 5803 Black [uggzm00000015-Black] - $92.00 : Ugg Boots Outlet Online, outletsugg.xyz
    Discussion Category: Chess
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    1) Who is the worlds best Chess player (All Time) [ Sanny ]

    Out of below players who should be considered the best Chess Players?


    What do you think was the all time best player.

    2) Which is better Opening for new Player e4 or d4 [ John Macc ]

    For new Players which is the best Chess opening they should play. As they want simple games where they do not overlook tactical mistakes.

    Should they play d4 or e4 as their first Opening?

    3) Know about GRAND CHESS [ Sanny ]

    I was talking about new Games and Help Bot suggested me that why not have a board 100x100 size. That is too Big.

    We see people have mastered Chess so deep that they have just memorized first 10 Moves.

    But the beauty of Chess lies in its complexities.

    Here is a new GRAND CHESS I propose.

    Here the size of board is not 8x8 but 16x16 and this is only for players who have already Mastered the Modern Chess. As those who do not know Chess will find it much difficult to learn.

    Here your Board is 16x16.

    With 16 Pawns in 2nd Row. and on first Row the pieces will be as follows.


    So every thing is twice and there will be 2 kings to Mate.

    In normal Chess game ends whenever the King is trapped. But in Grand Chess you have to kill 2 kings to end the Game. Rest all other rules are the same as Modern Chess except that there in no Chastling allowed.

    In GRAND GAME we will have below benefits.

    1. WHITE & BLACK pieces will be seperated at a higher distance So a lot of strategy is needed to reach opponent pieces.

    2. Since 2 Kings Game will not be just to surround the King. But because opponent can place its king at seperate areas a lot of critical thinking will be needed to finish 2 kings.

    3. Normally Chess game ends in 40-60 Moves Grand Chess will end in 200-500 moves and Win by Luck will be minimized.


    Play Chess at: http://www.GetClub.com/Chess.html

    4) Bug: Master level hangs on a particular position [ Finger Fehler ]

    with white to move, the following position hangs on Master level:


    37344+ seconds later, nothing happens.

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    5.Safety is a better policy

    You must get given.Since a dawn within the Internet, you can find countless scams and deceptions lurking during the virtual online sites.Therefore, choose a joint venture partner program designed to definitely spend you that commissions you deserve.

    6.For high demand

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    7.Substantial products to help you sell

    Be mindful of quite a few affiliate applications that lure yourself to join and turn you into believe you"ll certainly be selling a certain product, only to know that the computer program is an important pyramid design.

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