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    Title :Google Search Top 10 Placement. ( Manager )

    My Cash: $0.2
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 2

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Delhi
    Country: India

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 500 )

    If you are SEO Expert, Show your previous works in your Expert Profile.

    We have a few Keywords. You need to add our website on Google Top 10 Search.

    We will pay $100 per keyword if the search results come in Top 10 on google.

    We will pay $50 per keywords if the results come in Top 20.

    You will be paid only after we get the results. We will Check to see that the website is visible in Google in Top 10/ Top 20.

    If we are satisfied with the results we may increase the rate per keyword.

    We will provide you more keywords as you will be successful.

    Initially we have 5 Keywords to test your skills.

    The 5 Keywords are:

    Visits: (6887), Replies(4) View Full Details
    Title :wedding dress shop ( Replica Audemars Piguet watches 180 )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Moscow
    Country: Russian Federation

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 180 )

    wedding dress shop | wedding dresses | dress for wedding
    wedding dresses outlet
    wedding dresses online
    y strategically installing these jolly cameras regarding tables round the reception you do have a better likelihood at catching a genuinely candid occasion.

    Wedding Digital cameras Provide Entertainment for ones Guests

    In addition to this, your guests can have fun capturing with a wedding cameras, camcorders.You knowledge Aunt Martha or perhaps Cousin Adriana can be when your lady gets your camera.Even your own uncle Frank won"t be capable of avoid buying his imagine taken.You realize that she"ll be capable of getting friends to help you pose in the most crazy way your photographer likely never will probably.This mean that your expenditure of money in wedding and reception cameras will probably pay off with entertaining ones guests plus making ones own reception a winner and even in stories.

    More to the point, you understandthat she will get a picture with you getting your Grandmother even when the photographer has been in your restroom with the moments.Now imagine what amount of that reap some benefits is magnified should you have a big event camera with every table check out page reception!

    Wedding Digital cameras are Easy to Use

    Simply site your wedding event cameras around the tables for your reception while using table card that give every camcorder explaining that you need your people to take advantage of the cameras from the reception and then leave it revealed when many leave.It"s that simple.After your wedding day have people designated to post the marriage ceremony cameras and have the snap shots developed so its possible to enjoy all the memories any time you return in your honeymoon.

    Wedding Digital cameras Designed to match your Decor

    Unlike the particular disposable cameras you should purchase at the local discount retail outlet, wedding cameras are made to match the wedding design.That would make decorating in your wedding reception so much easier so when in anything else easier usually means that less headaches for everyone.

    Want the beach crafted camera for the beach assembled wedding? Daisies? Silver precious metal? Gold?...You have the option.There is an efficient chance you"ll find a wedding and reception camera to match the decor of your respective wedding party.

    Employ Wedding Digital cameras Indoors or perhaps Outdoors

    When seeking a one use camera make certain it features 400 tempo film.This can be important for just about any wedding considering lighting situations often shift and 300 speed film certainly is the most functional speed available rendering it suitable to get both houseplants and backyard use.So exactly where your marriage ceremony is and even guests wander the pictures in the wedding camcorders will preserve as soon as for a considerably long time.

    Visits: (4886), Replies(1) View Full Details
    Title :banking system ( bangaru mounika )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Hyderabad
    Country: India

    Send me a Message: mounika

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 1000 )

    the regular banking procedure takes place here also,such as creating new accounts ,money credit,debit,transfer from one account to other etc..

    Visits: (3665), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :Content Writers Needed ( Sanny )

    My Cash: $0.2
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 2

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Go straight then Turn Left
    Country: Take a boat and come

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 100 )

    This is a long duration work. Daily you have to write two-three original articles.

    4-5 month duration.

    You have to write articles in "word document" with atleast 400-500 words.

    Show us some of your previous works in "your Expert Details." (Optional)

    You can choose any topic. The Topic should be interesting and people should enjoy reading it.

    Article should be informative and have good content and language. Good English is needed.

    No Copy Paste from any source Allowed.

    You have to write arround 60-80 Articles in a month.

    We will publish your articles and they will be given Ratings by viewers.

    $2.00 for 10 high Quality Articles.
    $1.00 for 10 Medium Quality Articles

    We will pay you $16.00 for 80 Articles every month. If they are of High Quality.

    We will pay you $8.00 for 80 Articles every month. If they are of Medium Quality.

    If we do not like the Quality of Articles we will just pay you for the work done and acknowledge you that more articles are not needed.

    You can continue writing two-three articles daily for as many months you wish. But we have to be satisfied with the results.

    Our Viewers will give Rating to each of your article.

    We need articles for 4-5 month duration.

    How to Write new Article

    1. You can read Magazines/ Newspapers.

    Visits: (3667), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :CRM, ERP, Linux, Python ( Michael )

    My Cash: $0.5
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 5

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Jumey
    Country: Singapore

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 3000 )

    I need an OpenERP functionality to apply to the "agency contract".
    Means an agency representative, where the agency work like a representative between represented and customers of the represented, only to gain commissions, but with all visions of the invoices and delivery processes.
    For example the "agency contract" of the aeronautics world.

    Visits: (4891), Replies(1) View Full Details
    Title :WINTER FASHION OF MODEL RAJKUMAR ( Rajkumar Patra )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City:
    Country: India

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 260 )

    WINTER FASHION OF MODEL RAJKUMAR, rajkumar"s dressing fashion, style, modern hairstyles.
    == ==

    Visits: (3668), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :Search Engine Optimization Job. ( Sanny )

    My Cash: $0.2
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 2

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Go straight then Turn Left
    Country: Take a boat and come

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 900 )

    You need to Optimize a few key words for our Website.

    Our site is

    Keywords that you have to put in Search Engine Ranking are.

    1. Business Planning.
    {Top 20 in}

    2. Planning Software
    {Top 20 in}

    3. Managing Software
    {Top 20 in}

    and many others.

    In your Bid you have to tellus your previous work experience.

    If we find your work satisfactory we will choose you.

    Visits: (4894), Replies(1) View Full Details
    Title :Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop ( Jhoney )

    My Cash: $0.5
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 5

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Jumey
    Country: Singapore

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 750 )

    Need 20 Custom Logos Done - $25 Per Logo, 3 Concepts each Logo - Must Redesign until satisfied.

    Please show at least 15 to 20 logos you"ve done in the past.

    Thank You.

    Visits: (3671), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :replica u boat watches ( replica u boat watches 180 )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Beijing
    Country: China

    Send me a Message:

    Maximum Bid allowed: ( US$ 180 )

    replica u boat watches
    fake watches
    replica watches

    cheap replica watches
    high quality replica watches

    Visits: (3675), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :Data input many types. ( jojo washington )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Las Vegas
    Country: nevada

    Send me a Message:
    Do online Data Entry Jobs for more than 50 International companies directly on their
    working server. Offer available worldwide. Work in the comfort of your home. A Genuine
    Typing Job from world’s best home based business provider
    Work Free before you register.
    Earn a guaranteed $400
    Payment Proof Available.
    Visit Us at

    Visits: (3685), Replies(0) View Full Details

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    • You need to Escrew funds before Starting of Project. The money will be with us till the Project is Complete.

    • You can Choose to Pay by Cheque/ Credit Card whichever you feel appropriate.

    • If you cancel a Project in between then you have to pay the Cancellation Charges.

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