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    Title :HR + Finance Job ( Kirti Khandelwal )

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    My City: Madras
    Country: India

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    4 month experience as a tele caller.

    I am very career oriented girl.
    I want to become good working women

    Gender: Female (Married)

    Education: MBA (BBA from IPS Acadamy)

    Salary Expected/ month: Rs 8000

    Participated in Kho-Kho at state Level


    Visits: (1336), Replies(1) View Full Details
    Title : Resaption job. ( Surendra Singh )

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    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Bangalore
    Country: India

    Send me a Message: Singh
    Resaption job.

    Current Company:Reseption
    Current Position:job
    Salary Expected/ month:7000 Rs.
    Tell about yourself:12th pass B.C.A Learing II year.(Makhanlal chaturvedi)

    What type of job you are looking for:
    Resaption job.

    Your Skills and Experience:
    Resaption job, Marketing.

    Date of Birth: 18-Oct-1985
    Gender: Male
    Married: UnMarried
    Education:12th (B.C.A)

    My Skills & Achievements:Marketing, Resaption.

    About your Family: Two Brother. Two Sister.

    City: Indore
    State: MP
    Country: India


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    Title :computer oprator, Tally Caller,Receptionist. job ( Priyanka Wankhede )

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    ( New Topic )

    My City: Bangalore
    Country: India

    Send me a Message:
    Priyanka Wankhede
    computer oprator, Tally Caller,Receptionist. job

    Current Company:RIPL Real Estate Company.
    Current Position:
    Salary Expected/ month:5000 Rs.
    Tell about yourself:

    What type of job you are looking for:
    computer oprator, Tally Caller,Receptionist.
    Date of Birth:13-Apl-1990
    Gender: Female
    Married: UnMarried
    Education:12th Pass.
    Hobbies:Listiong Songs/ Reading Book.

    My Skills & Achievements:I will give my 100%

    City: Indore
    State: MP
    Country: India


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    Title :reseption,typing ( anisha bano )

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    ( New Topic )

    My City: Bombay
    Country: India

    Send me a Message: bano

    Current Company:airtel office
    Current Position:airtel office
    Salary Expected/ month:4500 Rs

    Tell about yourself:B.A.3rd year ,university sagar
    girls college chhindwara

    What type of job you are looking for:reseption,typing
    English speed-20 & calling

    Your Skills and Experience:airtel office work 2 month
    2 month teaching,2 month
    hospital work

    Any preferences: only indoor work, all our m.p.

    Date of Birth:15-3-1987
    Gender:- Female
    Married:- Unmarried
    Education:B.A.3rd year

    Hobbies: music listening

    23: About your Family: there are 5 members

    City: chhindwada
    State: MP
    Country: India


    Visits: (1466), Replies(0) View Full Details
    Title :Computer Operator, Reception ( Ranjana Chaturvedi )

    My Cash: $0.1
    Rate: $0.1 /post
    My Posts: 1

    ( New Topic )

    My City: Mumbai
    Country: India

    Send me a Message:
    Computer Operator, Reception

    Coaching/ Teaching: All sub exp class - 1 to 5.

    Subjects: Maths, English, G.K & all sub 1-5

    Salary Expected/ month: Rs 5000 or 6000 above

    Gender: Female (UnMarried)

    Education: P.G


    Visits: (1526), Replies(0) View Full Details

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