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    1) Snowflake [Female] From (Bangalore India) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Bangalore , Teen Girls from India ]
    Full Name: Aishwarya Pereira (BirthDate: 20 - 11 - 1994) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: I love, basketball, soccer, horse riding, painting, listening to music,reading, travelling, hanging out with friends, shopping etc!
    • My Education: Doing my 11th grade (1st pu)
    • About Me: I am just me. An ordinary average person. Nothing special to really say.
    • My Friends: My friends are my friends! Simple! :D :P
    • My Website: www.GetClub.com/Snowflake
    • Joined GetClub: 2012-01-20 10:13:24 [106 months back]
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    2) Marygrace94 [female] From (cagayan de oro city philippines) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from cagayan de oro city , Teen Girls from philippines ]
    Full Name: Mary babia (BirthDate: 23 - january - 1994) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: reading novels, manga, textbooks(educational).
    • My Work/Job: student
    • My Education: Marygrace94
    • About Me: tall, morena, long hair.
    • My Family: good.. we are in a loving relationship.
    • My Website: Marygrace94
    • Joined GetClub: 2013-04-13 09:53:22 [91 months back]
    • Chat with Marygrace94 Now !!!

    3) Kavin [F] From (Toronto Canada) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Toronto , Teen Girls from Canada ]
    Full Name: Derek elwood (BirthDate: 12 - 02 - 1993) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    4) mikee99076 [Female] From (Quezon City Philippines) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Quezon City , Teen Girls from Philippines ]
    Full Name: Elza Vega (BirthDate: 16 - January - 1992) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: I love reading, studying and writing poems. I love to write short stories and eat chocolates. I love playing volleyball and I am a fencer.
    • My Work/Job: Student
    • My Education: College
    • About Me: I am 19 years old. I am a very good student. I love Science, English, and Asian History. I love chocolates and I really need to earn money right now.
    • My Friends: I love my friends. They are very supportive.
    • My Family: My family is okay.
    • My Website: N/A
    • Joined GetClub: 2011-03-06 06:59:09 [116 months back]
    • Chat with mikee99076 Now !!!

    5) Vinita_Joshi [Female] From (Lucknow India) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Lucknow , Teen Girls from India ]
    Full Name: Vinita Joshi (BirthDate: 6 - Nov - 1991) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: Drawing, Painting, Graphic Designing.
    • My Education: Multimedia, Bcom
    • About Me: I have Experience in T-shirt designing.in 6 month in teaching experiences in graphics. 3 months I am doing B.com Honers, IInd year as well as studing in B.SC Multimedia IInd Year
    • My Friends: My friends name is: Neeraj Mahave, He is good in 3d modeling & graphics My other Friend is Tivika, She is also good in graphics and 3d.
    • My Family: My father name is Vijay Joshi. He is purchasing officer in Pratibha road construction My mother name is Nirmala Joshi, She is house wife.
    • My Website: www.GetClub.com/Vinita_Joshi
    • Joined GetClub: 2011-11-18 12:56:47 [108 months back]
    • Chat with Vinita_Joshi Now !!!

    6) Singlegirl1145 [Female] From (Dayton United state) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Dayton , Teen Girls from United state ]
    Full Name: Bridget Deeter (BirthDate: 08 - 15 - 1994) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: Running,swimming,walking,hanging out witj friends
    • My Work/Job: New boyfriend
    • My Education: Singlegirl1145
    • About Me: Glasses,blonde hair,brown eyes,5'7 to 5'6
    • My Friends: Sometimes rude or nice
    • My Family: Nice and sweet
    • My Website: Singlegirl1145
    • Joined GetClub: 2012-01-01 08:25:17 [106 months back]
    • Chat with Singlegirl1145 Now !!!

    7) puppy [female] From (Grahamstown South Africa) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Grahamstown , Teen Girls from South Africa ]
    Full Name: puppy ndlovu (BirthDate: 15 - February - 1992) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: I like reading especially when schoolwork has got into my head.I watch movies little time...I listen to music a lot.
    • My Work/Job: student
    • My Education: BA Law
    • About Me: I am patient,tollerant kind of girl and i get along with diffrent people with diffrent personalities.I can solve problems easily since i am tollerant.I like laughing a lot. I am confident i do not let things get to me.
    • My Friends: I have two friends who are intelligent but there is this other one. The other one just can't accept that i am unreadable.They care a lot abot me.They do not like going out..and i do not blamme because Grahamstown is boring.
    • My Family: Nous sont tres petit famillie. J'ai mon frere at demi-fres que si mechant.Ma famillie est bon...nous comprendons autres...nous aimons...
    • My Website: www.puppyfield.blogspot.com
    • Joined GetClub: 2010-05-02 03:05:24 [126 months back]
    • Chat with puppy Now !!!

    8) bony [Female] From (Calcutta India) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from Calcutta , Teen Girls from India ]
    Full Name: Bony (BirthDate: 8 - Sept - 1993) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    9) indumathi [female] From (vijaywada india) [ FIND Friends: Teen Girls from vijaywada , Teen Girls from india ]
    Full Name: eslavathu indumathi (BirthDate: 9 - 9 - 1992) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: writing poems
    • My Work/Job: student
    • My Education: enggneering
    • About Me: want to b sumthng special
    • My Friends: dey care 4 me...
    • My Family: biiiiiiiiiig family
    • My Website: indu.me9@gmail.com
    • Joined GetClub: 2010-08-20 09:31:21 [123 months back]
    • Chat with indumathi Now !!!

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