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    1) prince203145 [MALE] From (ANJAR INDIA) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from ANJAR , GentleMan from INDIA ]
    Full Name: SURESH JANGID (BirthDate: 20/09/1984 - SEPTEMBER - 1984) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: Reading books, play the chess, write the essays, watch the movies.
    • My Education: B.COM
    • About Me: i am a company employee an insurance manager in the pnb metlife india insurance company.
    • My Friends: some of my friends are in the shipping companies they do the MBA. but i have no money for the higher post graduations and the any of the professional courses.
    • My Family: my family is a middle class family my father works in the garage repairing works. my mother is a house wife. i am only one son of my father and i have three sister. i also have the two childs. the both are the boys.
    • My Website: WWW. PNB METLIFE.COM
    • Joined GetClub: 2013-02-09 10:35:47 [88 months back]
    • Chat with prince203145 Now !!!

    2) gaju [male] From (udaipur india) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from udaipur , GentleMan from india ]
    Full Name: gaju parik (BirthDate: 10 feb 1983 - february - 1983) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: good music outing and enjoy every bit of life
    • My Work/Job: business
    • My Education: M Com
    • About Me: I m flexible with the time as it shows me free joyfuller
    • My Friends: only to say friend is more than any 1
    • My Family: ok
    • My Website:
    • Joined GetClub: 2013-08-09 04:47:21 [82 months back]
    • Chat with gaju Now !!!

    3) Raspong [male] From (brebes indonesia) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from brebes , GentleMan from indonesia ]
    Full Name: chandra kiranan (BirthDate: 28 - september - 1984) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    4) biswadip jana [male] From (nandigram india) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from nandigram , GentleMan from india ]
    Full Name: biswadip jana (BirthDate: 26 - 05 - 1983) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    5) prince0009 [male] From (hyderabad india) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from hyderabad , GentleMan from india ]
    Full Name: santosh kumar (BirthDate: 03 - 09 - 1982) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: i like to watch movie of prince mahesh babu and shahrukh khan and i like to work hard
    • My Work/Job: job
    • About Me: hey iam santosh kumar from hyderabad and iam married.iam searching for friend to share my feeling's with her.i like to watch movie and cooking
    • My Friends: nothing
    • My Family: my family is good
    • My Website:
    • Joined GetClub: 2012-10-11 06:57:45 [92 months back]
    • Chat with prince0009 Now !!!

    6) Jitendra_Mishra [Male] From (Madras India) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from Madras , GentleMan from India ]
    Full Name: Jitendra Mishra (BirthDate: 14 - mar - 1982) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    7) jojappa [male] From (MYLAVARAM india) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from MYLAVARAM , GentleMan from india ]
    Full Name: JOJAPPA MADANU (BirthDate: 25 - 06 - 1984) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: circket,chating with friends
    • My Work/Job: not working
    • My Education: pg
    • About Me: my name is jojappa i am vary friendly and close movement
    • My Friends: i want very close ness friendsssssss
    • My Family: my family midel class ane brothe and my mother
    • My Website:
    • Joined GetClub: 2011-01-29 09:45:39 [113 months back]
    • Chat with jojappa Now !!!

    8) Francis Alie George [Male] From (Freetown Sierra Leone) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from Freetown , GentleMan from Sierra Leone ]
    Full Name: Francis Geroge (BirthDate: 20 - Novermber - 1983) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Hobby: I like to watch football march and also play football.And like to communicate with friend.
    • My Education: Certificate in Computer Software
    • About Me: I'm a very young man black in complexsion hansum and about 5feet 7inches tall,i am presently studiny computer software at the Government Technical Institute in freetown.
    • My Friends: I didn't have friend to write about.
    • My Family: The only famaly i can talk about is my parents and my Father is dead only my Mother is alive with three brothers and two sisters
    • My Website:
    • Joined GetClub: 2009-08-04 09:47:16 [130 months back]
    • Chat with Francis Alie George Now !!!

    9) zuiko1 [male] From (varna bulgaria) [ FIND Friends: GentleMan from varna , GentleMan from bulgaria ]
    Full Name: deyan mihaylov (BirthDate: 21 - 08 - 1981) * [DD/MM/YYYY]

    • My Work/Job: chef
    • My Education: HIGH SCHOOL
    • My Website:
    • Joined GetClub: 2008-08-13 12:10:16 [142 months back]
    • Chat with zuiko1 Now !!!

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