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Chess Earnings FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do we pay to Chess Players?

    We want to bring an attitude towards winning games. With Prize money Players can feel proud and play strongly with opponents.

    Every month prizes are awarded to top 6 players.

    We also give $1.00 every month to players who have won at-least 30 games.

Why do we pay to Chess Players who are not in top 6?

    We want to make our games free to play.

    However our games is free only for good players.

    If you have won more than 30 games in a month you get $1.00 in your account.

    This money can be used for buying games. Purchase Chess Games after they have played 500 games.

How will I get paid?

How can I earn more money?

    We pay $1.00 for 30+ wins by you every month

    You get prizes if you come in top 6.

    If you Video Record your Games while playing you can get a lot more.

    Money incentive is only to make our game Free for Strong Players.

    We want our games to be Free for all players who put their efforts in it.

Will the Prize money increased in future?

    The prize money of top 6 is not same.

    When we find lots of Players getting involved we will increase the Prize money.

    If we find less than 10 players playing in a month. That month will not have any competition.

    There should be at-least 10 players in a month to get the prize money. [Excluding Computer Levels]

    Our rates are flexible we can always increase or reduce rate depending on Market Condition.

Will I be paid less when when prize money or other rates are changed.?

    No, We will pay you the same money that was shown to you in that month.

    Suppose we reduce price by 10% then that will take effect from next month.

    We keep increasing / decreasing our prices depending on Market Conditions.

    We manually calculate and Check the money. To avoid problems.

    You will be get paid even when we discontinue a scheme

Why Should I play Chess here?

    Play Chess here to improve your game

    Enjoy games and view games played by others.

    Get free analysis of games played by you or other players.

    Take part in discussions and clear your doubts.

    Get ratings and prizes every month on wining games.

How many times can I play here?

    You should play just 3-4 games daily.

    Don't get tired playing 10-20 games in a day.

    Call your friends by phone and have match with them.

    5 Levels of different strength that you can play with.

How to conduct game with my friend?

    Call your friend by Phone that you want a game with him.

    Both of you get connected and open Chess.

    Login with your different accounts.

    You need separate accounts to play a game.

    Start a game and look for your friend.

    Choose White/ Black Pieces.

    And Start Playing with your Friend.

I have a problem what to do??

    Check you have Java Enabled?

    Download Java if not on your system.

    Java is safe and Free it can be downloaded easily.

    Close your Browser

    Restart your System/ Webpage.

    We sort-out major problems. So wait till we have fixed the problem. (2-3 days)

Money Earned can be used for buying games. Purchase Chess Games after you have played 500 games.